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requently Asked Question

Blog Topics

I am a firm believer that you should write about what you know. My definition of “knowing” may not follow Webster’s. Rather it reflects life experiences. It includes having researched the topic from more than one source (such as one cable channel) and spending time doing the work surrounding the topic (serving in government before commenting on it). Given these criteria, I will generally blog about government/politics, fashion, spirituality, health & wellness, and business strategies, particularly for startups. I reserve the right to include other subjects that I deem relevant or important to consider.

Rules for Commenting

When I decided to write this blog, I had to determine whether I wanted to open it up for comment. This should be an easy decision but in today’s environment it’s not. However, my goal remains to hear back from you. However, I require that all comments to blog postings be thoughtful and respectful to both the blogger and others making comments. No foul language, ranting or trolling will be allowed. Any such postings will be removed.

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