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5 Key Learnings about Book Launches

I have long wanted to develop a “how to” seminar on launching a book and the launch event was a real eye-opener. Mine went great and I sold out my books! This was my goal and I set an intention to meet it. But the actual launch event requires more than communicating with your spirit guides. Here are the five most important learnings from my book launch.

1, Pick the right store

We were very lucky as the Barnes & Noble store did a great job in helping us with the event. They sat me in a prime location. They made regular announcements that I was there over the loudspeaker. They took photos of me and put them up on social media. And that doesn’t include the traffic the store generated.

2, Join more organizations

Having active groups that support your efforts is very important. I have a wonderful neighborhood group in SaddleBrooke who drove nearly an hour to come and support me. Plus they bought more than one book! I also took the time to join several new groups that helped get the word out. Having a network is essential to book sales.

3. Update social media accounts often

I was on social media the week before launch and throughout the day. This helped to give a sense of anticipation to people who came and those who were out of town but wanted to know about the event. I wanted Barnes & Noble to see that I could create a “happening” for them.

4. Have a photographer onsite

I wanted my daughter at the launch event but she had a girl’s weekend that day which I felt was more important for her. So, my hubby David was recruited and he did a good job in getting photos and videos that we can put up on my websites and use for additional social media postings.

5. Invest in signage

While I did not want to spend the money that I did on signage, business cards, and bookmarks but I’m glad I did. The branding intrigued people and resulted in several on-site sales. It showed that an event was going on and gave me something to thank people who made the effort to come to the launch.

My next step is to work on book reviews. I will continue to have book signings and I will let you know about the next one soon. Until then, please buy my book, "Scenes from the Valley" online at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.


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