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7 Issues I’m Excited For Biden To Address

I have been thinking a lot about what I would like to see the Biden administration tackle over the next four years. It won’t be easy because things are really screwed up in our country right now.

But I remain positive and am looking to the future. I have put together my list for what I would like to see the Biden Administration tackle over the next four years. This list is a combination of my hopes as well as items Biden has promised to address.

1) Re-Education on Structure of U.S. Democracy

The Trump administration has confused everyone about how our country functions. In order to fix our divisions, we need to get a standard language. Do you remember those musical cartoons about history such as “it’s only a bill”. The cartoon educated children on our countries political systems. It would be great if we could do a cartoon and blast it out on every communication channel – buy time on Fox News and MSNBC. Set up a YouTube channel. Tackle some of the tough topics such as the 2nd Amendment. Perhaps a new committee in the house could be formed to work on this educational problem (with equal representation from both sides). We have a serious problem to overcome regarding peoples’ thinking about democracy. 2) Establish Rules for Any Type of “Network” on the Internet

Normally the FCC would be responsible for managing the Internet. The FCC used to define the rules and manage compliance regarding TV. We need to go back to establishing communication requirements for anything that appears on any media which must include the Internet. Right now, Verizon owns the FCC and we need to fix that!

3) Create A Practical Solution to COVID-19

I would assume this to be high on everyone’s list. We are all tired of staying indoors. Our children, regardless of grade school or college are not getting the education they need nor having the social life they want. The good news is that there may be two viable medications that will work on this virus. The problem is setting up a delivery system. Which will take time to establish. But until everyone has access to medication, please wear a mask, social distance, socialize in groups of 10 people or less with people you know either haven’t had COVID-19 or if he/she has, the person has followed the protocol and keep wearing a mask. Also, please remember that kids over age two must wear a mask. They are huge carriers. If people will follow the rules, we can get the infection levels down and get some normalcy back. This is not the time to be a renegade. Don’t assume that just because you’ve had the disease that you are immune or won’t have any future medical issues. 4) Fix the Economy

The economy was in good shape once the Obama administration pulled the country out of the 2008 recession. That means we need a strong head of treasury. I believe the choice of Janet Yellen was a good one. Naturally I’m thrilled to see a woman holding this position for the first time. But it’s not just her sex that makes Yellen a smart choice. Yellen's experience with the federal reserve gives her perspective about the entire economy. She'll know what needs to be done to get the economy back on track. She won’t spook the markets and should sail through confirmation, which is the biggest obstacle Biden faces. Particularly as Georgia may split the vote and send one Republican and one Democrat to the senate, which will maintain the Republicans’ senate majority.

We have too much debt! We gave a big tax cut to corporations who used it to buy back stock and give bigger salaries and bonuses to executives. According to the New York Times while Dick’s Sporting Goods was furloughing hundreds of its employees, the CEO’s compensation increased to 1,487 times the pay of the company’s mid-level employee. Nobody below executive level is getting cost of living increases, raises or even bonuses. Right now, the only place to work and make a decent salary is in technology. I am currently not in favor of breaking up Big Tech but I am also not in favor of monopolies. I believe here is other ways to fix those problems, such as my point in #2.

We are going to have a big change in this area which I know a lot of libertarians won’t like. But companies can fix problems or the government can do it for them. People have to make a living wage and they have to have a way to increase that wage. And that wage must be equal to everyone. Girls and boys must make the same, whites and blacks, gay and straight, whatever. But we have a lot of people out of work whose jobs may not be coming back due to COVID-19. This problem must be addressed immediately.

5) Tackle Climate Change Aggressively

We are at least 20 years behind on fixing this problem and thus our solutions may be painful. The coal industry will be affected. So will oil & gas. We have to stop heating up the planet to stop wildfires, aggressive hurricanes and other natural disasters. Mother Earth will keep throwing at us until we stop hurting her so badly. We must develop a plan for finding new and better jobs in the areas affected by these changes. But people also have to get ready for them. I remember well when Reagan killed all the jobs in the Rust Belt. I had to leave St. Louis to find work. And guess what? It turned out well. So, don’t be a whiner. Ultimately this is our number one priority so everyone is going to have to change their behavior.

6) Expand Public Healthcare

Candidly, I’m not sure how we became a country that combined healthcare with jobs. We have public education so why don’t we have public healthcare. Is this socialist? I don’t think so. I believe it’s common sense. Everyone should have the same basic quality of care. Companies can offer benefits that provide an additional level of care. In the 1980’s, small businesses generally didn’t offer dental or vision. We have expanded what we believe is standard care and we need a program that everyone can easily buy into. And it has to include mental healthcare or you will never deal with the opioid issue. Frankly, I am tired of having to fight to get my prescribed drugs due to all the conditions tacked on by insurance. I have a history of using my pain medications properly. So, quit using the wrong fix for a bad problem.

7) Protect a Women’s Right to Choose

I feel this is one of the issues that has driven our country to be right wing. Now we have a mostly Catholic supreme court. And as a catholic woman myself, I am sick of discussing this issue. No one is going to challenge how I or my daughter or nieces manage our reproductive organs. That is between me and my doctor. This is an issue that gets me the angriest because it is so often tied to female child abuse. Incest is one of the oldest no no's in the history of humankind. Yet if a woman who has been impregnated by her father or brother can’t get an abortion, what kind of society do we have? This is fundamental and we need to get to a point where the Supreme Court can’t touch this issue.

I could add more to my list but these cover what I consider to be the top issues affecting most people. I know there will be some energy put towards social issues affecting certain groups of people. That’s well and good but if we don’t tackle the big stuff, we can’t get to the special issues. Let’s just hope Biden can get going before January 20 and the Trump administration can start transitioning. But I won’t be surprised if the Biden team finds gum under the desks.


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