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A Democrat in Arizona

Since the first time I could vote, I’ve chosen to cast my ballot as an independent. I ran for elected office as an independent and served on my town council as one. I learned that Democrats and Republicans could work together if they put the best interests of the people first. I loved serving my community and was sad when my health caused me to resign.

I recently got my Arizona driver’s license and joined the Democratic party. Why? Well, we have two women running for governor, which is great. But one doesn’t support women’s reproductive rights and believes Donald Trump won the last election. She wants the ability to overturn elections if she doesn’t like the outcome. That’s not democrat or republican. That’s un-American. And she’s not the only person running who thinks that way. We have a man running for Senator who wants to outlaw all abortions with no exemptions. The Supreme Court opened the door and we have too many candidates who want to commit murder, not of a child but of a mother. Have they never heard of an ectopic pregnancy?

I was offered no choice in this election. I could either elect a government that was not safe for women and thus not good for business or our local economy. My choice was to support Trump candidates or not. I will not support anyone who attempts to overthrow our government. On January 6th, Trump attempted a coup simply because he wants to drain our federal budget into his pocketbook. He wants to sell government secrets. He wants cronyism. And he wants to take away my basic rights just because I am a woman.

In Arizona, we have one choice: vote for crazy or common sense. I want to see Arizona as a state that follows the constitution but recognizes the changes that have happened since it was written. We need to clean up the environment, protect voting rights, raise salaries, improve public schools using public funds and safeguard our children when in school. These are real issues and they're not easy to fix. That's why we need intelligent people working in government. Take the opportunity to make wise choices this election no matter where you live. And if you live in Arizona, vote no on Lake, Masters, and Finchem. Thank you.


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