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And Just Like That a Beloved Show is Gone

I was beginning to see negative reviews but as I was bedridden due to a medication change I decided to watch “And Just Like That” the new series based on Sex In the City. For those of you who have not yet watched, let me say DON’T.


Here's my top 5 things wrong with the new show.

1. Fashion As a professional stylist, I highly enjoyed SITC’s fashion (I even had a dress of Miranda’s) No one could be a fan of all the outfits but there was no doubt that Patricia Fields did an amazing job with the ladies’ looks. She is sorely missed. Whoever is in charge needs a pink slip. Carrie’s first outfit demonstrated the wrong use of the two-purse look! The look is micro bags not full-sized. And then add a hat. Over-accessorizing a bit? The only look of Carrie’s I liked was at Big’s funeral. And poor Miranda had to strut the streets in a skirt full of plackets that made her hips unnecessarily wide. It felt like the point being made is that aging women can’t dress fashionably unless they can afford Oscar de la Renta. This I won’t accept.

2. Woke My daughter has been trying to tell me how woke crazy LA is. I kept thinking she was being ridiculous. And Just Like we went to the left side of ridiculous. As an example of her unwokedness, an excited Miranda goes to her first class for a master's degree. After mistakenly sitting in the wrong chair (and made to feel old with the judgmental stares) she mistakenly tells the black woman who comes in not to sit in the professor’s chair. “He just told me” The young person responds, “Someone’s quick with the pronouns.” (For the record I’m a she, lady, mother, woman). I’m sorry, what are you supposed to say before your pronouns have been properly introduced. And then we have to have a stupid scene over black hair. Great propaganda for the Trumpers.

3. Snappy Writing I understand removing Carrie’s narration AJLT takes away Carrie’s smart pithy columns and the great chatter with her friends. Instead, we get podcasts on masturbating in public. And to help Carrie tell more edgy about sex talk she asks Big to masturbate in front of her. Ewww. And, after a long drawn-out discussion about why Samantha isn’t with the girls that seem taken straight from the headlines about the real-life problems between SJP and Kim Cattrell, all is made up because she sent flowers to put on Big’s casket. Come on.

4. Ruined Characters Let me just say that Steve deserves more than to be portrayed as old and deaf. Darling Stanford and his husband are just two old quarreling queers. And little adorable Brady is having the only sex scenes with his girlfriend in his parent’s house. Double ewww. And then they kill off Big. Why? Couldn’t they figure out what to do with the male characters? Are we supposed to surmise that women in their 50’s can’t be having fun with their spouses?

5. Joyless Feeling Watching SITC made me happy. I looked forward to it. And Just Like That made me feel I was living in some dystopian society. Is that how we want everyone to feel in the new Covid world? Sadly, because Trump allowed a deadly virus to run throw our population we are facing radical changes. Realism can be tough. That’s why we need our friends. And Just Like That they’re gone.

I’m certain that people will disagree with me. That’s fine. We are allowed to have differing opinions. But ruining a treasured show with some lame attempt to make it different is not ok. I’ll just enjoy the old reruns.


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