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  • Karla Trippe

Are White Guys Getting the Shaft?

Much has been written recently about the number of jobs created since President Biden took office. The latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the labor market has added 7.9 million jobs since January 2021.

At the same time, we have fewer people available for jobs and among those 30 and below, I have seen a strong urge among employees to work for a company that pays according to the workload or walk away to become self-employed or seek a company with better compensation. Good for them. I applaud people taking advantage of the situation government policy created. With home prices continuing to increase along with gas and groceries, salary increases are critical for people to keep up.

However, there is one group that I am not seeing benefit from the job market – the white male without a college degree. I believe this may be a key reason there is much unrest among voters. This was once a traditionally Democratic voting bloc but they are now an angry bunch. And I get their frustration but I offer up a simple solution. Get a degree.

As a woman, I didn’t have a hope of moving up the career ladder without a degree and preferably from the best school possible. It is why I set aside so much money for my daughter’s higher education. It was crucial to her success. I have spoken to several hiring directors about this topic and it is only for minorities that the college degree is being waved and only rarely.

Is this fair? That’s debatable. I believe a job should always go to the best candidate regardless of skin color or sex. And I feel strongly that work experience should be a factor when evaluating a candidate. I went up against many MBAs when I reached the highest level of my career and it was my work experience that would put me over the top. It’s one reason that I feel job postings should state, “bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.”

Is there a position in that you can forgo a college degree? Yes, sales. A great salesperson is always valuable and that particular talent is not taught in the classroom. Usually, that skill comes with athletic prowess from my experience.

Don’t grumble about the way things are. Invest in yourself and look forward to the dividends you will be paid back. And don’t wait. This time is unique. Take advantage of it.


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