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Are You Electric?

With Russia invading Ukraine, a sad and unnecessary war, Biden was forced into sanctions. And the best way to stop Russia is to stop its sale of oil.

Thus, oil prices are going up while the stock market is going down. Isn’t this a good time to re-think our dependency on oil? It plays havoc with the environment, particularly wildfires and the US keeps falling behind in reducing greenhouse gases. Manchin blocked the environmental funding in Build Back Better to protect his coal interests which add to the problem.

We can't always depend on the government to lead. Shouldn't the question be what can we do individually to protect the environment, reduce oil dependency and improve the economy? I suggest buying an electric car. More products are now available than just Tesla. My husband and I bought a VW ID4 and couldn’t be happier. It’s crazy to realize that I don’t stop at a gas station. I can do a full charge in my garage. It’s perfect for driving around Tucson. We have a gas car only for long-distance driving which we rarely do. We try to use the electric car as much as we can. We even bought an electric golf cart.

People stop us wherever we go to ask about our car. And we are proud to talk about it. It’s our way of helping the planet - something that means more to me than practically anything.

There will be lots of red and blue fights over the next year. Take a pause and try flying a green flag by going electric. I promise you’ll love it!


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