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Are You Watching Presidential History?

It’s genuinely a history-making week.

For me, it started with an eye-opening article from New York Times reporter David Leonhardt on President Biden. I thought I knew Biden, but I learned how and why he’s a different Democratic leader than his predecessors. His unique Senatorial election to the guidance he seeks from President Franklin Roosevelt rather than Washington made me look at this man differently, particularly as we await his declaration to run for a second term. Like many Americans, age is my biggest concern about Biden and my desire for a more effective vice president than Harris.

Then the news came out about his President’s Day visit to Kyiv. Biden’s visit was dangerous, making it more historical; along with his visit to Warsaw, a country devasted by Hitler who fought for its democratic republic, makes the heart stir. I agree with America’s support for Ukraine, even if I prefer that taxpayer money never be spent on war. Russia is not our friend, if for nothing else, because they interfered with our election and made a difference in getting Trump elected. They attacked Ukraine unprovoked, and as a world leader, we have the responsibility to help this country, particularly as horrible war crimes like the bombing of hospitals happen.

Then came the news that 98-year-old former President Carter is now in hospice. My heart hurts each morning as I reach for my phone to check on his health. Carter was the first president I campaigned for. He certainly made his mistakes as President, but he dealt with many problems not of his doing, more importantly, the Iranian hostage taking, which impacted his loss to Reagan-a far less qualified candidate.

But what makes President Carter such an outstanding president is his work after leaving office. He never stopped being presidential, working tirelessly for Habitat for Humanity and overseeing elections worldwide to protect democracy. Don’t we wish all presidents strove to reach his standard upon leaving office? I know his death will bring on tears, but I hope it will help our country take a fresh look at our democracy and fight harder to keep it safe, as the people in Ukraine are doing.


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