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Bootstrapping Works!

One of my favorite stories in my forthcoming book, “Scenes from the Valley,” is how the first startup where I sat on the board got to an exit. It’s not the story of a great PowerPoint presentation that got funded or bad code purchased by a dot come company with too much money. It’s the story of a startup that made just about every possible mistake and still reached a successful exit. Those are the real stories of the Valley or anywhere a few people are willing to take a risk and try to make something happen.

I have always loved startups. I love a new idea, particularly one that creates a new market. I love creating new brands and marketing strategies. And I love the people who are drawn to this type of work. They are people who gamble on their brains and willingness to work long hours often for many years to reach the ultimate goal.

In the book, I write about several different startups where I worked. I learned a lesson from each one. If you want to start your own business, buy my book and see if you have what it takes. And drop me a note. I plan to begin speaking again about using spirituality in developing a business strategy. It’s an unique approach that can make a viable difference particularly if you feel stuck.


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