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Finding Your Perfect Candidate

After posting last week’s blog on “4 Strategic Moves for Plotting Your Career Path,” I received some interesting feedback on the trend of people making career changes right now. LinkedIn is calling this trend, the #TheBigShift. I have spent some time on LinkedIn lately and as I mentioned in my blog, I am surprised at the number of jobs available which makes this the perfect time for Move #1- Move up from your current position.” But if you have asked for that well-deserved raise and you have received a “no,” then it is now time to find a new job at a new company.

This leads me to give a bit of advice to the company’s out there who are looking for candidates. You may have the posting for the perfect person but how far are you willing to expand from those requirements? There are plenty of software programs that can look through a resume to find matches but is that the perfect candidate? Many people who are willing to move may not just be motivated by money and you may not be able to play that game. I am seeing candidates who want a job that allows them to get out of the office and off the computer. Does your job offer that benefit? Other candidates are seeking to work for someone who thinks like a mentor. Are you telling candidates the benefits of working for you and not just the company?

Just like any type of marketing you need to make sure your job listing has clear differentiators. For example, you may be competing against every marketing or PR departments in the B2B space seeking candidates. Is the only thing you have to offer is that you’re a hot company? How can applicants take advantage of that? Granted, salary and stock options often aren’t discussed until farther down in the negotiation process but what can you say in your posting to find that great candidate that you can take to a satisfactory finish for both of you? What if this job doesn’t come with stock? What makes it hot for your candidate?

If you are having trouble finding the perfect candidate, make certain you are reaching out personally to your professional circle. I may know of a great candidate but I’m not spending time on LinkedIn looking for a job for my candidate. And initially, I might not think the job is a perfect fit. But during a conversation with you, I can explain all this candidate brings to the table and what they are looking for. Networking isn’t important for job posters. If you are ready to make a move, make certain that everyone who can help with your job search is aware and has a copy of your resume, particularly people who don’t work for your company.

I hope I’ve given you a few things to think about so that you will be successful in the #TheBigShift.


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