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For the Love of Gidget

Yesterday, Madeline, David, and I had to say goodbye to our beloved long-haired miniature dachshund Gidget. She decided it was time to cross the Rainbow Bridge and let us know so we could make her passing easier.

So many images whirl through my mind of Gidget as a midget jumping through the snowbanks that she loved or sniffing David’s flower beds, crawling down to the bottom of the bed where she always slept until recently, or curled up in her kitty bed for a good nap. She loved her dad, who always fed her from the table (he was more challenging to train than her) or taking a walk with her mom. Her new favorite since moving to Tucson was riding in the golf cart to buy 10/09/06-4/21/23 lottery tickets—so many beautiful memories.

Most important to me was Gidget, the devoted therapy dog who helped me through my darkest days. She found all of my hiding places and licked my tears away. She stayed next to me when the pain was so bad I wasn’t sure I could go on and valiantly moved from house to house, learning new ways to do her business.

I know any of you reading this have experienced the love of a good dog and understand the heartbreak of giving her up. Beau and Chloe are waiting for Gidget on the other side, and soon she will be frolicking again with a strong body. And when the time is right, she will find me, new companions. But they won’t be like her. That’s just not possible.

Goodbye, my dearest puppy with the Elvis curl of the lip. We will forever miss you.


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