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God Is A Woman, At Least She Used To Be

Ironically, I have been reading a book given to me by one of my doctors. It’s titled “Sex and Power in History” by Aumaury de Riencourt. It is a fascinating look at how humans have viewed the male and female roles since the beginning of time (that being a few million years ago according to this book).

From the beginning women were viewed highly as we carried the great mystery, the ability to bear children. Due to this unique role given to women, we were held in higher esteem than men. As humans evolved along with the changes in the Earth due to the end of the Ice Age, we moved from hunter gatherers which gave men stronger roles within the tribe to an agrarian life where women were once again held in higher esteem due to their ties with Mother Earth. Women were seen as necessary to ensure a good harvest and this did not change even as men began taking a larger role in farming (remember that America was founded upon strong agrarian principles which Thomas Jefferson, a slave owner, strongly supported).

So why is it that millions of years later women are fighting for equality in the home and workplace. As we mourn the loss one of our heroes in the fight for equal rights for women, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it makes me ponder how did we get to this point in history?

Essentially our decline came at the same time as the rise of Christianity, a highly male dominated theology. Many of the rules for woman came about as the “one god” became male when previously there were male and female Gods. And as religious rules were decided, many of the norms during the Roman era such as abortion which was common practice was made a sin by the Catholic Church.

Now we are in 2020 AD and having a Supreme Court fight with the conservatives bringing forth an anti-abortion Catholic woman candidate with extreme religious views. This is a striking de-evolution of women’s rights – you may only be on the Supreme Court if you swear to forsake woman’s original power.

In addition, we must remember that while people came to America for religious freedom, our constitution is based on the separation of Church and State. We must have judges sitting on the bench with the understanding and strength to leave religious views at the door and not be considered when making rulings, particularly on settled law.

We must demand the time to research and read carefully the writing and words of Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s rushed nominee to the vacancy on the Supreme Court created by Ginsburg’s passing. We have the right to understand what kind of women she is. Unfortunately, as we have seen in the workplace, women often fail to offer a helping hand up to other women. Sadly, we don’t have the loyalty to each other than men typically do. That is why we need to know whether Barrett will work to restore women’s natural, God-given rights or be a pawn to the conservative’s desire to eliminate equality of any kind.


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