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Idling Cars and Drive-Throughs

Each day I grow more aware of the problems with our landfills, water, and air. If we are going to give our children and grandchildren a better world than we received, then we have work to do!

We've made slow progress with water bottles and plastic bag though more communities need to charge or prohibit the sales of these items. But this week’s blog focuses on my daily irritation, which involves idling cars and drive-throughs.

As I drive around Tucson in my electric car, I notice people leaving cars idling as they go into stores. Do they need to understand that carbon dioxide is the primary contributor to global warming? Eliminating the unnecessary idling of personal vehicles would be the same as taking 5 million vehicles off the roads. I have often sat in my car and watched for the reason for these idling cars, and most of the time, I have found it’s because an animal is in the car. While I understand protecting puppy, my solution is to leave the dog at home.

Drive-throughs are the worse offenses. I get out and go inside if I see more than three cars in line for a drive-through. Just think how much air pollution we would reduce if everyone adopted this habit.

Cities are beginning to get the message and banning the construction of fast-food drive-throughs, including Minneapolis, Boston, and towns in California, Missouri, and New Jersey. It will take these kinds of measures to have any real effect on global warming.

Changing habits is never easy, but they are a must if we are going to save the planet. Each of us needs to do our part so state, local, and federal governments don’t have to set the mandates that people tend to hate.

What changes are you planning to make in 2023? I would love to hear your thoughts on this vital issue.


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