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Int’l Witchy Women

“Raven hair and ruby lips,

Sparks fly from her fingertips.”

While the Eagles may have created a hit from these lyrics, calling a “wise woman” a witch isn’t technically correct.

The word “witch” has existed for thousands of years but was appropriated for use against wise women-traditional teachers, and healers who never practiced the dark arts. But classifying a woman as a witch allowed male-dominated societies to burn and hang these potential female leaders.

Writing about witches on International Women’s Day may seem strange, but it reminds us how long women have fought for equality. Our society gains nothing by preventing women from reaching their full potential. Far too many fail to realize that achieving sexual equality worldwide is necessary for the growth of our souls. It is one of our ultimate spiritual tests. And sadly, we are failing.

The United Nations stated this week that women might need 300 years to achieve equality. America could push this along by repealing any law that prevents sexual equality, particularly those that subvert reproductive freedom.

This blog officially begins my “Spirituality from Alpha to Zeta” series. Starting with W may seem odd, but remember that the wise woman, Diotima, was one of Socrates’ most important teachers.


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