• Karla Trippe

Let’s Write a Book Review!

My daughter always tells me that everything you need to know can be found on the internet. You would think I would know this given that I was in Silicon Valley when the internet was launched. But in those days there was not much content so I am still learning how much can be found online.

Now that my book, “Scenes from the Valley,” is officially launched, it’s time to ask friends and relatives for reviews. But I believe the least I can do is offer some guidance on how to write a review. To help others out, I went to the site “Book Riot” and found an article by Danica Ellis on how to write a book review. I also found some great tips from Lesley Ann McDaniel.

A book review is a critical evaluation of a book. Remember that it isn’t just a summary, but a commentary from your unique point of view. The difference between a review of fiction versus nonfiction is that with the latter, the reviewer will evaluate the piece not so much on its entertainment value as on whether it fulfills its promise to solve a particular problem or deliver certain information

I recommend starting with an understanding of the purpose. The writer should provide this in the forward or somewhere in the notes. Do you feel the writer succeeded in conveying the purpose? You should also think about the key messages in the book. Look for around three.

Another way to review a book is to create a Pros and Cons list. This is a helpful way to review any type of book. Your list might include how is this story relevant to the world. What is it saying about the time it was written in? What did this book make you think about? It’s good if you conclude with a recommendation on whether readers should add the book to their reading list.

For everyone out there writing a review on my book, a big Thank You!


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