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Work in Progress

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Today, I finally made the big step forward to begin the process of pitching my first book to potential agents. If you are a writer, you dream of this day happening. We often put blocks in our way so to keep from being disappointed, but I believe in opening ourselves to the magical possibilities that exist in the universe.

For those of you who do not know, I have been working on this book on and off for several years. I made a commitment to myself to finish the book this year. While there are still chapters to write, I feel it is far enough along for an agent or publisher to look at the content and determine if it is publishable. I am hoping to receive direction and expecting a lot of re-writing but all I am looking for now is to begin the conversation.

The idea for the book, Scenes from the Valley, came to me when I met with a local business editor about a technology client of mine. In that conversation, we wound up discussing my early career, working in the Silicon Valley. He suggested the topic would make a great book.

Then, when Time’s Up and MeToo came to fruition, and I realized how much women were still fighting for the same rights in the workplace as I had and that my experiences might be timely and relevant to younger women.

Scenes from the Valley codifies what the Boomer women in technology went through to reach positions of leadership. These women revealed the normalcy and acceptance of physical and sexual misbehavior in the workplace. These same women showed what choices they had to make to reach the upper echelon, and just how precarious that space was.

If you know anyone who might be of help in finding a publisher, let me know. And for everyone else, keep on dreaming. You never know when that big, important opportunity will come your way.


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