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Sex in the Valley

In Scene 2, Riding the Rails, in my book, “Scenes from the Valley,” I write about sexual misbehavior in the workplace. While I hope women no longer experience this, I’m not certain it is the case. I would love to hear from women about this issue.

In the ‘90s, sexual misbehavior was still common. Men would talk about their performance and what medications would enhance it (Eww) and chase after single women. Generally, these were executives put in place by other male executives who weren’t interested in whether the selected person would motivate his employees by exciting them with the work they could do, providing opportunities for advancement or at least a pay raise and creating a harmonious place to work. This particular VP did none of that. He created chaos as he fought with the more experienced manager that reported to him over marketing materials rather than focusing on strategy as was his job (of course that would mean he was skilled in that area which he was not).

If you find yourself in this type of environment, there is no reason to stay. Clean up your resume and get on LinkedIn. Make as many contacts as you can and use this site to lead you to a better job. Always jump off a train that is leading to now here.

"Scenes from the Valley" is now available on and #karlawrites #karlatrippe #metoo


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