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She Said Let the Healing Begin

Harvey Weinstein had his final day in court. The figurehead for the MeToo movement, currently serving a 23-year sentence in New York for sexual assault, was convicted and sentenced to 16 years for rape and sexual assault last week in Los Angeles. Harvey will die in prison. He can hurt no more.

Or can he? There are plenty of women who suffered the curse of Harvey Weinstein. They must still recover from the damage to their minds, bodies, and careers. What’s more, where is the money for Harvey’s victims? Trauma recovery isn’t cheap.

I’m not in the workplace today. But in the 1990s Silicon Valley, predatory behavior was normal. Was I traumatized by it? Yes. Did I do anything about it? Not at the time. My reason was that I might have won the case of assault against me by a male executive, but would I have received enough money to walk away and start over? I would have been through in Silicon Valley.

When I left the Valley on my terms, I pursued a fruitful career in Colorado. But sadly, my time in Silicon Valley was the final assault on my body which eventually broke. It’s why I’m writing about Weinstein. He is a reminder that we need to discuss trauma recovery. Women need the funds to seek whatever medical care will help them. I still use standard talk therapy and medication. But I was fortunate to have better insurance than most women and received the best care. Then I found Spirituality which made a tremendous impact on my recovery. I will be starting a new series on “Spritifuality from Alpha to Zeta” this month, which you will find educational in many ways.

If you want to learn more about Silicon Valley, you can purchase my book, Scenes from the Valley” at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


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