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The Night of the Cold Moon

When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planets

And love will steer the stars

During the illuminating visit to Arizona which changed our destiny, we saw such beautiful full moons. I have been a bit obsessed with the moon lately. For example, I just spent the evening watching the new “Selena” show on Netflix (I still like the movie with Jennifer Lopez more). The name Selena is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning “moon goddess".

The Cold Moon gets its name as December is the month when it begins to get cold (trust me I know as this is the month that all my body becomes overwhelmed with inflammation due to my many autoimmune diseases thus the reason for moving to Tucson). This is also known as “The Long Night Moon because the full moon occurs nearest the winter solstice-the longest night of the year.

There is an ancient prover that says that the sun sees your body while the moon sees your soul.

The appearance of a full moon symbolizes many things. One thing I like to remember is that the moon is connected to your heart chakra which is where the soul resides. And the stronger your connection is to the moon the more your heart chakra is aligned with your other chakras, particularly the upper chakras at the throat, third eye and the top of your head where you open yourself to the upper realms.

I love to perform fire ceremonies on the nights of special full moon as there is so much magic and spiritual strength in the air. I have kept all my materials in a special spot and I hope to do a ceremony in the mountains as I have always found my spiritual strength is strongest there.

During a ceremony, I create fire sticks which have messages to the universe that I burn to send them to my spirit guides. I generally invite friends and family to send me their special wishes to burn as well.

The Cold Moon is on December 29 and if you have a special wish, particularly for the new year, I hope that you will send it to me as I would love to help you engage with your spirit guides and to help you make a wish come true.

Always remember to stand in the light of the moon and seek your power to make you stronger. Draw your energy back from wherever you may have sent it and then ask your spirit guide to send you special messages.

When I went to the Akashic Record to ask about the move to Arizona, I was told I was on the right path and to have patience (not my strength). For me, I believe Arizona will bring me closer to my spiritual self which I will need as I begin to write my new book, chapters of which are coming to me already written.

Take time and let the moon glow on you and listen to the music of the stars.


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