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Time Is Running Out To Combat Climate Change

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Today President Donald Trump dismissed a study produced by his own administration warning of the potentially catastrophic impact of climate change because he doesn’t believe it. He also tried to bury the report by releasing it on Black Friday.

According to The New York Times, “the 1,656-page National Climate Assessment, which is required by Congress, is the most comprehensive scientific study to date detailing the effects of global warming on the United States economy, public health, coastlines and infrastructure. It describes in precise detail how the warming planet will wreak hundreds of billions of dollars of damage in coming decades.”

Reading the overview of the report has made me sick to my stomach. I keep thinking about how my daughter will live a life in any way as satisfactory as mine. She currently lives in LA, and all month, we have read about fires consuming entire towns within a day. She drove up Highway 101 to enjoy a weekend at Pismo Beach while flames were jumping over the highway in Malibu.

The Times further reported that “Trump has directed the Environmental Protection Agency to sharply weaken the nation’s two major policies for curbing planet-warming pollution: One rule that would restrict greenhouse emissions from vehicle tailpipes, and another that would limit them from power plant smokestacks.”

How many more times do I have to be upset over Trump policies designed to create wealth for those who already have it and feel completely and utterly unable to help those who are just starting their lives?

All I can think of is to continually hound my Democratic House of Representative to do everything he can to change direction even if that means impeaching the President in order to focus on policies that will change course to save our economy and our planet. Time truly is running out.


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