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Tiny Purses for You?

I decided it was time to have a bit of fun and write about fashion, one of my passions. I will assume that many of you are familiar with the tiny purse trend popular with many high-end fashion houses. I first noticed then on Chanel when the design attached two tiny purses as a type of halter.

According to my research French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, unveiled a three-inch handbag called the Le Chiquito, at his spring-summer 2018 show and started the trend.

Leaving aside that a tiny purse isn’t a highly useful accessory, you have to think about whether it works for you. I do a seminar on the history of purses that includes selecting a purse for your body type. Good stylists know you have to look at where the purse hangs if you are short, natural, or long-waisted. You need to consider the width of the straps based on the length of your shoulders. When I bought my Chanel bag, the stylist and I spent time looking at which style bag worked for carrying my essential items as well as what size worked best with my body.

This is ultimately my issue with the tiny bag. While it can be a great pop of color or an interesting detail on an outfit, particularly when wearing multiple bags, when carried as a traditional purse it can make a woman look heavy due to the small size. Like many trends, this is one you should approach with caution.


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