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Tucson Book Launch, July 23 from 1-3

Today is a scary day. Today is the day I realize that I am a published author. Will people buy my book? Will they like it? Will they tell their friends about it?

Once you are published you no longer worry about finding an agent to represent you (I did and he’s great). Or having a PR person who will pitch your book (I do and she’s great). The worry now is about moving books off the shelves in bookstores and onto the shelves in people’s homes.

From my experience, being scared comes from the unknown. I am now a professional writer with the responsibility to continue writing something people want to read. It begins with that first step. The first book.

Please join me on July 23 from 1-3 at the Barnes & Noble store at 5130 East Broadway Boulevard in Tucson for the Official Launch of “Scenes from the Valley.”

The book takes you to Silicon Valley and tells the real story of why more women haven’t made it to the upper echelon of management. As what started out to be a book to help millennial and Generation Z females understand what baby boomer women had gone through in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the book became more magnanimous as the “#MeToo” movement emerged as it was being written, hence, the narrative transformed and circled into my #MeToo experience in the corporate jungle of the Silicon Valley.

The individual story in each chapter shares different blocks and challenges encountered in the corporate scene and shows how I overcome all of them in my way. Embedded in any scene are different scenarios revealing the kind of “normalcy” women experienced during those times, in order to reach C-level management, making it an eye-opener.

You can purchase “Scenes from the Valley” online at and at and is available in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover. Check out and for more information.


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