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Using the Universe to Find Your Career Path

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

I'm a spiritualist trained in tarot, shamanism and reading the Akashic Records. I took up this training after illness overwhelmed my life and traditional western medicine wasn’t solving the problem. I found that by using different modalities I could help heal my body.

I then began to use my training to help others, particularly younger people who were struggling to find their path in life. I developed a process where after interviewing someone, if they were interested, I would take them on a journey to the lower world to meet their power animal(s) who were always with them to provide insight no matter what the question. I then proceeded to conduct a full life reading using the tarot cards to determine what career was planned for them.

Next, I would write a resume designed to support the person’s career search. I found this process worked well as I watched my mentees land the right jobs for them.

While I have not yet worked with a job hunter in finding their career path in the Akashic Records, I do believe this is the best modality for a career search. For those who are not familiar, the Akashic Records is the book that contains information on all our lives, including the purpose of each life and the outcome. It tells who we are bound to and why. Every question you have about your life can be answered in the Records but a person must go through a lot of training to effectively read another person’s life journey and I have not yet reached that level of training. I work with

I also have a good medium that I work with but I don’t like to speak with those who have passed about career issues. I find that it’s better to use a medium to answer questions about why something occurred or is occurring in your life and who behind the veil have a special desire to help us work through those issues.

It is unfortunate that finding an ethical spiritualist that is properly trained can be difficult. Even I have worked with people whose ethics were lacking. People who offer their services, no matter what type, must be highly principled. Typically, the best way to find someone is through recommendations from friends. You should have a conversation with the service provider about how they approach working with a client and how they handle discovering information that may be difficult for a client to hear. I have often seen things that isn’t part of the question a person has so I will hold back on delivering this information until the right time which usually occurs after trust has been built. Begin building that relationship with a short reading on another topic such as a relationship with a family member or friend, not necessarily a boyfriend or husband and generally not a health issue. Determining if you have found the right person is intuitive. Always ask your spirit guides (these are often people who have been in your life and desire to provide you with counsel or can be an angel) for their help and for a message to come to you about the spiritual adviser before proceeding. This message will often come in a dream or a flash of information that seems to come from nowhere.

It is important to learn to continually flex your spiritual muscle. That way you can regularly receive messages from your guides. Meditation is a great way to do this. You can learn to journey on your own to meet with your spirit animal(s) to ask questions about difficulties. Use the time with a professional to work on those bigger, thornier problems such as deep relationships like those with parents or your spouse and illnesses. My teacher taught me so many different ways to use my spiritualism to help understand why my body was rebelling and how I could calm it in order to help it heal.

Spiritualism is a big topic so feel free to send me a question that you have and I will try to answer you or blog about it.


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