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What’s on Your List of Goals for 2021?

I know that like many of you, I will be glad when 2020 is over. Yes, we all have corona fatigue but that doesn’t change the need to follow CDC guidelines including wearing a mask and social distancing as we are ending the year with the highest statistics for infection. It’s imperative to follow these rules because there is still so much we don’t know about this virus. Everyone should set a goal for 2021 to think more about each other and how to help each other whether by donating food or buying from small businesses.

One important task to I plan to finish before the end of 2020 is cleaning out boxes. As I blogged about last month, we are planning to move to Tucson, AZ once our house sells. While I’m not sure where we will be living in Tucson, I am enjoying spending time on Pinterest looking at kitchen and bath designs as well as new styles for a southwestern home. My decorating juices are definitely flowing.

To prepare for our move, I am going through everything I own to see if it’s necessary to take or better to sell/give away. Decluttering will reduce the moving costs and the amount of space we need. I’m also decluttering my mind. I’m finding that saying goodbye to items that have served their purpose allows me to open up space that can be put to better use.

This leads to my goal of organizing my contacts so I have the basic information for everyone I care about, particularly their birthdays. I want to be better about staying in touch with my dear Colorado friends as I begin making new ones.

In 2021, I will begin writing my next book. I still plan to continue pitching my current book “Scenes from the Valley” to appropriate literary agents. I have found that the area we are looking to settle in, Saddlebrooke, is home to many successful writers. Having learned so much about book writing in 2020 I am eager to tackle my first book of fiction in 2021. While doing research about different authors I’ve found that the first book you write isn’t always the first book you publish. I'm still not ready to take the self-publishing route but I am excited for the plans my daughter and I have for improving my social media program that may lead to securing a publisher.

I hope I can continue making jewelry In Tucson. I have loved working with my friend Ursula (Ursula K Designs on Etsy) and learning the art of jewelry making. It’s not that I want to make a business of it but rather it’s a crucial piece in designing wardrobes. You will read and see more of my fashion philosophies next year.

Moving to a new state does have its challenges and for me that means finding new doctors. I have many specialists and take a large amount of medication. Maintaining my medications are critical which makes changing doctors my number one priority.

Finally, next year I want to get back to my singing. I want to work with a pianist a begin recording the standards and interesting love songs I particularly enjoy singing. I will ask my Spirit Guides to help me find the right accompanist.

This will make 2021 a busy year. But having a list of goals is particularly important as we get older. I have learned that to build a life worth living means constant activity that improves your physical and mental health.

Now that you know my list, I’d love to hear what’s on yours.


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